Our Story

“Grain” is such a powerful word. Grain trading represents the lifeblood of the agricultural revolution, one of the oldest currencies that brought people from far-flung lands together. A single grain holds within itself the potential to grow, and bear seeds. The Grain Traders movement started as just that – a seed, an idea that stemmed from a love of feeding and treating people right, built around three core pillars of ingredients, intentions and inspiration.


Feeding People Right

Using slow, intentional processes and professional techniques, from sous-vide, baking, grilling and fermenting that bring out culture you can taste. Our team coaxes the best flavors out of quality produce, resulting in food that is incredibly tasty yet nutritious – reminiscent of a lovingly home-cooked meal.


Chef Gisela

Helming our kitchen is our Culinary Director, Gisela Salazar Golding. Gisela started cooking at the tender age of 13, making traditional Venezuelan desserts for extra pocket money. A family friend saw her potential and helped her land her first internship in a professional kitchen. This stint inspired her to enter culinary school and sparked an international career across kitchens in Dublin, Shanghai, France, Venezuela and Cambodia.



The Grain Traders movement is not just about helping people eat well – we believe nourishment comes in many forms.


Culture You Can Taste

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